Digital Illusionists

The Technology Magicians

The Digital Illusionists Stage Magic Show  –  a Revolution of The Magic World

The Digital illusionists are pioneers in the world of stage magic.  Together they have created a show like no other. Combining over 10 iPads, iPhones, Drones, Virtual Reality, Holograms and artificial intelligence into a show like no other. Keelan Leyser and Matt Daniel-Baker combine traditional sleight of hand with the latest technology in a fun and light hearted show that the audiences long remember and talk about after they go home.  Together they provide an informative, entertaining and amazing show that also provides a lot of laughs and audience interaction with comical moments and participation that the audiences love to be part of.    Digital magic is a combination of creativity, magic tricks, and modern technology and it is the new trend that is attracting the Digital Illusionists to Television shows, global business leaders, blue chip companies, and heirs to the throne, all who have booked the duo to entertain their audiences. 


What is Digital Magic?

Digital Magic are magic tricks that includes all modern-day technological devices, especially the iPads, Android, and Windows tablets as well as TV screens and LED walls combined with sleight of hand and special effects digital animation and clever programming along side a long of magical thinking.  The combination is sensational, leaving people speechless at first, but then making them talk for days about it. 

Technology often seems like magic on its own, regarding its features and all the possibilities that it offers to us. In combination with traditional magical effects, it offers the audience more than an illusion, a feeling that is hard to forget. People are often mesmerized by magic tricks and magicians, and normally have a great time when watching a magic good magic act with Digital magicians they try to take magic has been taken to new level whilst still ahering to the psychological methods, principles and techniques as to how and why magic works.

As a form of art, mobile and tablet digital magic and illusion is a revolutionary step in the entertainment world, opening new doors to creativity and extraordinary ideas to fascinate the m

What kinds of acts can a Digital Illusionist  – The Technology Magicians perform?

Just like other forms of magic tricks, digital magicians can virtually do any kind of trick with just their devices alone. Be it taking something out from the device’s screen into the reality or using AI and psychology to read minds,  these illusionists challenge your imagination when it comes to surprising you with their unique twist to what was once a tradition art form to you. To be at the top of their feild and keep up with the pace at which this industry is evolving, they are constantly developing new tricks and effects to keep the “wow factor” of their performance up.